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Course Detail
In web designing course you will be able to develop and implement a full-featured Web site on the Internet, deploying dynamic content by using multiple languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and AJAX. You will learn how to create a reasonable, solid and financially understanding web design and easy to use. Only a professional and proficient website designer can fulfill their purpose by making an attractive and successful website because a good and responsive layout attracts the people to excel your site and grow your business. So Ad Concepts is here to boost you in web designing field.

Brief Course Contents


Introduction of HTML 5

HTML 5 Tags

Format text on Web Pages



Create complex image maps

Create tables

Insert a form on a web page

Set, modify form field properties

Validating HTML


Introduction to CSS 3

Designing with Style Sheets

Style Sheet Syntax

ID, Class Contextual Selectors

Linked (External) Style Sheets

Cascading Order

Properties includes Text, Font, Colors, Backgrounds, Borders

Floating Elements

Absolute and Relative Positioning

Layering Elements and Objects animation


Bootstrap Grid Basic

Bootstrap Tables

Bootstrap Button

Bootstrap Dropdowns

Bootstrap Glyphicons

Bootstrap Navbar

Bootstrap Forms

Bootstrap Inputs

Bootstrap Meida Objects

Bootstrap Carousel

Bootstrap Modal

Java Script

Introduction to JavaScript

Variables and Objects

Decision-Making Statement: If, Switch

Loops: For, While & Do While


Functions and Prototypes

Core JavaScript Objects



Install & Configuration

JQuery syntax



JQuery Chaining

JQuery Callback

Adobe Photo Shop


Rulers, guides and grids Layers

Layers Styles

Outputting for the Web

Image Slicing

Working with Text


Why Choose Us

As we know that designing is an art. An Attractive web designs boosts your site and increase your business. In web mechanization, your website design is the first impression which attracts the visitors on your site. The websites which we create are absolutely unique and responsive. Our websites are approved by checking through different browsers to ensure the performance reliability and quality. Furthermore, our experts always try to create more demanding designs to meet industry standards.

Our Instructor

Our web designer has more than 7 years of experience in web, He also an award-winning web designer and frontend development and also has the strong grip on fully responsive, modern web development techniques. He has extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, and Bootstrap to create standards compliant, accessible, and responsive web pages. He also expert to integrates the latest in artistic, technologies and approaches to confirm that your website distributes the accurate message and also conquests over new clients.

Fee Duration

Total Course Fee: Rs. 30,000

Course Knowledge: 4 Months

Internship: 2 Months

Classes Timing: 3 days in week

Lecture Hour: 1 Hour

Practical Hour: 1 Hour

Course Benefits

You will learn each and every thing from basics to pro level.

You can pay fee in two installments.

Installment One = 60% Pay at the time of Admission.

Installment Two = 40% Pay after One month

After completing this course you will get two months Internship in our Software House.

An experience letter will be issued to successful candidates

Shumayla Riaz

Shumayla Riaz

Web Developer
Danish Khan

Danish Khan

WordPress Developer / Front End Developer
Hamza Khan

Hamza Khan

Graphic Designer
Mr. Arslan

Mr. Arslan

Web Designer / Front End Developer

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